Ru Si Dad Ton

(The Hermit’s Art of Controlling Thai Traditional Medicine)



Some of Patterns to therapy

Normal sitting Pattern

Hand & Foot Discomfort

- Sit normally on a chair or sit cross-legged
- Bend your right elbow upwards; support this elbow with left palm
- Press your thumb at the bone-track between elbow-bones
- Move and press the bone at the inside folded elbow
- Press upwards along the arm until reach another two points
- Then use four fingers to press the bone-track between the two bones outside of the arms
- And cross over to the folded elbow
- Press upwards along the arms like before
- Massage these four points
- Pull your right elbow until your hand touch your chin
- Flip your left hand so that your right elbow is on your back hand
- Try to pull your elbow again
- Repeat 2-3 times and change arm

Both legs outstretched Pattern

002 Low-Abdominal-Pain--Scrotal-Disentangle
Low Abdominal Pain & Scrotal Disentangle

- Sit and stretched out both legs
- Handle the end of both feet
- Breathe inhale fully
- stretched your knees out to the maximum as possible
- Full exhale and release
- Repeat 2-3 times

Knee Trouble

- Sit and stretched out both leg
- Use two hands massaged to both knees
- As of press time, use your thumb to press down.
- And the other fingers squeeze and inhale deeply.
- Release and exhale
- You may stand up if you have slight pain.

One Leg Outstretched Pattern

Foot pain / swelling

- Folded one leg over the shin.
- The other is stretched to the other side, toes downward.
- Use the hand in same folded leg press to the chest.
- Another hand stretched out towards the end of the stretched leg,
- Blend the hand as Thai dancer hand.
- Inhale deeply while stretch out fully, stress your chest
- Exhale when release
- Repeat 2-3 times
- Turn over another leg
- Rolled knee on the floor, stretch waist, slant front, retracting foot to the floor
- Inhale and press chest, stretched arm
- Exhale and release
- Repeat 2-3 times.

 Sexual Desired Suppression

- Folded one leg and another is stretched to the other side.
- Put your hand of folded leg side to the knee.
- Put your hand of stretched leg side to the toes.
- Press your folded knee and press the toes in to your body.
- Chest up and inhale
- Release and exhale

006 Chest-Discomfort
Chest Discomfort

- Sit with one knee up, and stretch out the other to your side
- Raise both hands up and turn around, swing to the left and right alternately
- When swinging up, inhale deeply
- Slow hand down and exhale
- Inhale again and swing the arms to the opposite side.

007 Leg-Discomfort
Leg Discomfort

- Sit legs apart as wide as you can
- Hold you’re inside thighs with your hands
- Inhale white pulling hands and parting your leg as wide as you can
- Exhale and release

008 Low-Back-Pain-Lumbar-Pain
Low Back Pain, Lumbar Pain

The 1st step
- Sit with your left knee up
- Cross your left toe over your right leg which stretched out to your side.
- Pull your left shin, stretch out your right hand forwards and swing aside.
- Lean your face and look at your fingertips
- Stretch out your arm fully while inhale then exhale
- Turn your arm back to your front and start swinging again
- As furthest as you can at the same time pulling your shin closer,
- Repeat 2-3 time.

2nd step 
- Stand up, stretch your arms aside
- Bend one knee and stretch the other with foot pointing aside
- Turn to the left and right alternately with stretched arms
- Release and exhale


Coupling Pattern

009 Muscle-Cramp
Muscle Cramp

- The patient lies on his stomach, kneel with one knee
- The other lies straight, chest on the floor
- Face turning over his shoulder, both hand stretch backwards
- The masseur will hold the stretched leg with one hand.
- And grasp both wrists with another; he will press the patient’s hip with his heel
- And push while pulling the arms and leg until the patient is raised above the floor.
- Only his knee touches the floor.

110 Low-Abdominal-Pain--Scrotal-Distension
Low Abdominal Pain & Scrotal Distension

- The patient lies on his stomach, chest on the floor
- One knee folded, the other lies straight
- The masseur stand over the patient, bottom on patient’s shoulder
- Facing towards patient’s toe, and pulls the straight leg while presses his feet on patient’s hip
- While practicing, the chest of the patient will be raised.
- The patient has to stand on his elbows with palms closed.